N2Ndata was built using a flexible, modular approach to allow us to easily and cost effectively provide customised data visualisation and reporting.  There are a number of common modules such as waterVIEW, gasVIEW, electricityVIEW, energyVIEW, Dashboards, KPIs, Alarms, Reports, Asset Management and Notes but also specialist System Modules. These include poolSMART, boilerVIEW, towerSMART, solarVIEW and wasteVIEW. These pre-built Modules gather, integrate, process and report data from multiple and diverse sources (eg BMS, local controller, meters, sensors, weather bureau, utility suppliers, etc) to provide comprehensive performance reporting of many system-specific parameters and KPIs. This data visualisation and reporting  is generally not otherwise available to building operators and managers using a single system.