Retirement Village installs iPOWER smart submeters

The Whiddon Group is a major provider of aged care services in NSW. Their Glenfield facility is one of the largest in Australia and its electricity and water usage are a major operating cost for this not for profit group. ecoDATA has been monitoring and reporting water use at Glenfield over for 5 years and now two 12-channel iPOWER meters have been fitted to monitor major loads so that usage can be better managed. Thier data is being integrated with NEM12 interval data from multiple NMI supplier smart meters. ecoDATA assisted in developing the metering single line diagram to suit their reporting requirements and the switchboard layouts.

Facility managers now have Internet access to live 5-minute interval data for voltage, current, kWh, kW and Power Factor which will enable them to identify and prioritise energy savings opportunities. The iPOWER solution cost 1/3 that of conventional submetering and was up and running in just 3 hours for 8 subcircuits.

60% energy saving with Innovative pool pump controller

Robert Quinn, founder of ecoDATA, introduced Melbourne electrical controls company Techsys to a new approach to controlling pumping rates in large commercial and public pool water treatment sysstems. By using water clarity, flow rate and pressure to control pump speed a 7 Council pools the results achieved at many pools in the USA have been replicated; energy use has been reduced by 40-60% without impacting water quality or bather safety. Retrofits are easy and an investment of $25,000 on a typical pool system can be paid back in about 1 year or even less if there is an existing suitable VSD on the pump motor.

The energy saving pack comes complete with the  ecoDATA’s unique poolVIEW, cloud-based monitoring and reporting system. This provides users with web portal access to live data for all pool pump system parameters such as kW, kWh, flow rate, turnover period, pressures (screen, filter inlet/outlet and differential), turbidity and it sends sms/email alarms. It can easily be expanded to cover the pool dosing system (pH, Free Cl, Total Cl, Chloramines, ORP, temp), the UV plant (power %, kW, kWh, lamp life), makeup water, backwash water, mechanical switchboard loads, etc, etc and for multiple pools too. It provides a common, Master Monitoring system sitting above and reporting all meters, sensors, local controllers and the BMS; it can handle an unlimited number of sites so giving asset managers only one system to learn to cover an entire portfolio..