60% energy saving with Innovative pool pump controller

Robert Quinn, founder of ecoDATA Services and the N2Ndata platform, introduced a new approach to controlling pumping rates in large commercial and public pool water treatment systems. A smart plant monitoring system, called an ecoHUB, ensures water clarity, water chemistry, turnover rate and pressures are all taken into account BEFORE pump speeds are automatically reduced. Energy savings of 40-60% have been achieved for most typical operating days without impacting water quality or bather safety. The ecoHUB and poolSMART system is a retrofit package that overlays existing specialist PLCs such as for the UV system and chemical dosing controller. An investment of $35,000 on a typical pool system will see a pay back of just 2 years, or even less if there is an existing VSD on the pump motor.

The STANDARD ecoHUB integrates with N2Ndata’s poolSMART Module which provides cloud-based monitoring and reporting. Users have easy access to the system’s web information portal using a laptop, tablet or smart phone. The poolSMART module visualises and reports using live data for all pool water treatment plant parameters such as kW, kWh, flow rate, turnover period, pressures (screen, filter inlet/outlet and differential), turbidity, pH, Free Cl, Total Cl, Chloramines, ORP, and TDS. This STANDARD installation can easily be expanded to the PRO version to include the UV plant (power %, kW, kWh, lamp life), makeup water, backwash water, mechanical switchboard loads, Power Factor Correction (PFC) unit etc, etc. It can also accommodate multiple pumps and multiple pools too.

It provides a common, Master Monitoring system sitting above and reporting on all meters, sensors, local controllers and the BMS but does NOT interfere with their operation, However, the ecoHUB does have limited control capabilities which allows it to serve as a mini BMS.  The poolSMART module can handle an unlimited number of sites so giving Users access to a single system that can cover a portfolio of many pools.