What is ecoDATA?

A Cloud-based system that automatically converts your unfathonable property portfolio Big Data into useful information and answers. It gives you more time to focus on strategy, planning and action.

A 100% Australian owned, designed, built and supported Built Environment Information System (BEIS) for buildings and infrastructure. Specifically designed to help property owners, facility managers, operators and sustainability officers – it saves time and money, while improving ESD; a triple bottom line outcome.

MULTIPLE DATA INPUTS – any system, any protocol, any interval – live or manual data

Accepts and hosts data from BMS, meters (water, gas, electricity, heat), sensors (pH, temp, CO2, etc), process controllers and legacy systems that use diverse and incompatible protocols (Modbus, RS232, M-Bus, WiFi, etc). Acts as your Big Data bank.

PROCESSING & ANALYSIS – powerful algorithms automatically mine your Big Data and turn it into information

Disparate data is normalised, aggregated, collated and then processed using powerful algorithms. ecoDATA transforms data into information and answers.

INFORMATION OUTPUTS – wide range of user definable charts, performance dashboards, exceptions reports, tables and alarms

Designed for speed; complex user queries are processed on the fly in seconds. Reports, charts and alarms are categorised to suit the many needs of diverse users at different times. Data in, information and answers out.

KPIs & BENCHMARKING – one of the key drivers to achieving enduring improvements in performance

Multiple KPIs for individual and groups of meters and sensors. Targets, Baseline and Best Practice benchmarking, traffic light colour coding, trend charts and dashboards allow time-effective management by exception.

ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY –  facilitates best practice in ESD reporting while saving time and money

Electricity, gas, fuel oil and water from meters and/or invoices. Monitors multiple waste stream monitoring.  Official energy emissions, corrections and content factors for accurate carbon reporting; even provides site specific live weather data.

GLOBAL ACCESS – anyone, anywhere, any time, any media

Cloud based with an any-browser web portal that provides live information to suit all users of all devices – smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC.